Write With Us

You are a sustainable development student or practitioner but you have limited knowledge of how digital technologies could enable new, smart solutions? You master certain technologies and you think these could have an impact on people lives and planet? You think you are onto something but translating an idea into a business model is a black box to you? Take your expertise and write the next post with us.

As a team, we believe that each solution addressing the targets of the 17 SDGs needs to have these three characteristics: desirability (address a real need, focusing on the source of the problem), feasibility (use affordable digital technologies efficiently), viability (adopt the right business models that generates value for every stakeholder). Share with us your desirable and/or feasible solution – we will take care of its viability.

Why writing with us?
  • Design a viable solution – we design the best business model together
  • Get your ideas out in the world – we promote it for you on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Engage with like-minded people – trigger a constructive discussion and find new partners
  • Promote yourself – You keep the ownership (or co-ownership) of your post
  • Make an impact – Design and communicate pragmatic solutions for the SDGs