Value Proposition

We want to turn the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into long-lasting and actionable solutions, by building bridges. Bridges between new digital cloud technologies and pressing world issues, bridges between people and organizations with complementary knowledge and skills, bridges between today and the future.

As Bridge17, we believe that brilliant ideas for sustainable development are just the first – yet a key – step towards brilliant solutions.  However, this is not enough, if the right business model is missing. A solution that creates maximum impact should provide a win-win-win situation, where people in need, governments and private organizations can clearly identify their added value. For this reason, we complement existing and future solutions for the 17 SDGs, by proposing innovative business models, based on both our own direct experience in the field and contributors from all over the world.

We Bridge Key Partners Together…

We connect people in need, NGOs, private companies, universities and governments with each other. Leveraging our expertise and our network, we get end users, technology providers, creative minds and decision makers at the same table. Oftentimes, all the components for a winning solution are out there: the technology, the implementation partner, the finance, etc. But what is also true is that sometimes these partners do not find each other, or do not find ways of working together.  Bridge17 is the platform that brings these partners together and fosters progress.

…To Develop Digital Business Models…

Digital cloud technologies carry the big promise of making the world a better place. However, the enthusiasm around a technology needs to be translated into value for our life. If not adopted in a strategic way, the technology is likely to fall short. At Bridge17 we help and guide key partners in developing innovative digital business models that can make a long-lasting impact. We do so by framing and understanding the core problem and therefore designing solutions that create maximum value for all the players involved.

…through Innovative Methods.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge in business model development and in the business and social potential of cutting-edge digital technologies, we support our key partners from the very first concept to the validated solution. How? Organizing purpose-driven workshops, round tables with field experts and project pilots.

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