Fairventures, A Machine Learning-Based Solution For Forest Management

Worldwide over 1.6 billion people need forests for food, water, fuel, jobs and their daily livelihood. However, due to the lack of access to functioning markets, financing and adequate fertilizers, new plantation techniques and equipment as well as vast information asymmetries  in the value chain, forests are not utilized to their full potential in many emerging economies. Fortunately, today many of the described issues can be addressed by the help of digital technologies.

Thus, we currently support the NGO Fairventures from Stuttgart, Germany, to build an application that can be used by farmers (the first deployment will be for farmers in Borneo) throughout the whole life-cycle of a tree. From purchasing, planting, nurturing, harvesting to selling it supports the farmer and ultimately increases his income and decreases the impact on nature. Further, this digital base has the potential to establish a sustainable and traceable value chain for tropical woods to the size of a single tree – through the use of machine learning and GPS data. Find out more


Bird-Eye, A Data-driven Solution for Solid Waste Management

In a crowded and highly dense city like Hyderabad, solid waste challenges are increasingly difficult to address, as there are limited available dumping sites. The high volume of waste poses sorting issues due to the widespread use of a single bin for all types of waste. Bird-Eye addresses this social, economical and environmental problem through advanced technologies, e.g., hyperspectral cameras, and a powerful dashboard for various players in waste management. The solution makes solid waste identifiable, quanitifable and classifiable, helping the municipality to prioritize their management activities and increase marketability of specific materials.

As Bridge17, we support this award winning project in finding and developing relationships with technology providers and field experts worldwide. Thanks to our network and fruitful collaboration, we are creating the ideal ecosystem to run a pilot of Bird-eye on the field, which is critical to further validate and strengthen this solution to SDG 11.

Take a look at the following posts to learn more about Bird-Eye: Concept , Technology and Plan.